Holoart Crystal Display Ball

March 5, in Displays

Imagine a world where the television is not the flat rectangle that you have now, but a sphere. It is a world where everyone has that Holoart Crystal Display Ball.

In case you have some dreams of seeing 3D on this puppy, they will have to wait. As it is, it accepts analog signals for video, so it probably just offers viewers a spherical view of the world.

Of course, most TVs are designed as a rectangle, even though the eye probably doesn’t see that that way. The ball is 100mm (3.9 inches) in diameter, and made of plastic. The stand that it is on is 230 x 220 mm (9.1 x 8.7 inches).

It is powered by an AC100V cord. I’m guessing that you are probably going to try and impress your neighbors with this, but I’m not certain just how impressed that they will be. You should be able to obtain it for about $4,999 at the Japan Trend Shop. Yeah, that is a lot of cash for what you are getting.

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