HBO Begins Offering 3D Content on Demand

January 4, in 3d

HBO is one of the most well known television networks out there with original series that rival the production values of even the best movies (Boardwalk Empire, anyone?). However, as you’re sure to know, they do not offer any 3D content but that’s not really too shocking considering not many folks due. Luckily, if you have a 3DTV (or projector) and HBO’s HD VOD service, you’re in luck.

It wast just announced today that HBO will begin offering some 3D movies through this service including Coraline, Ice Age: Dawn of the Monsters, Clash of the Titans and Monsters vs. Aliens.

It’s going to be interesting to see how 3D display technology does in 2011 as movie studios will continue to adopt it and push out high quality content. Then again, just the thought of watching sports in 3D is enough for me.

via engadget

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