Google TV Gets Shown Playing Nicely With Dish Network On Video

August 21, in Set Box

Google has been breaking into just about every software related market as of late (and even hardware with their Nexus One smartphone) with their Android mobile operating systemand ChromeOS desktop operating system. However, computers aren’t the only thing that Google is concerned about. If you’ll remember not too long ago we told you about Google TV a set top box operating system that would allow you to play with all of your devices in unison, surf the web, stream video and much, much more.

I don’t know about you guys, but one thing I’ve been wondering is how Google TV is going to interface with broadcast subscribers like Dish Network. Well, what do you know? A video preview of Google TV has recently gone up showing just that – full integration with Dish Network among other things.

After watching this video, I’m pretty much sold on Google TV and dont see any reason I wouldn’t be getting it. Now if only cable providers would announce their new boxes to be running Google TV and we’ll be all set.

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