Google Telling Hardware Partners to Delay New Google TV Hardware Until Further Software Updates?

December 20, in Google TV

Google has been waging a war against Apple for quite some time now for home theater dominance. Apple has their incredibly cheap Apple TV allowing consumers to watch content from YouTube, iTunes and Netflix while Google has Google TV which is essentially the same thing plus a web browser minus iTunes. Both have been received generally well but they have both seen their fair share of problems.

In fact, it seems that Google is so unappeased with the current state of Google TV that they are telling their hardware partners to delay any further hardware until new software updates are pushed out. When exactly this Google TV hardware hiatus will cease remains any one’s guess but our sources tell us that it could be until “some time next year” which is a bit too vague for our liking.

Whatever the case may be, Google TV has not died and will live to fight another day.

via nytimes

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