Freewheeler Speaker

December 6, in Audio


In today’s world, new speakers are no longer launched in a boring shape; take for instance the newly launched Freewheeler Speaker. As the name suggests, this speaker bears a wheel shape. Perfect to enjoy amazing sound effect, the Freewheeler Speaker is also worth placing as a decorative item in your living room.

Designed to cater to the customer’s need for a stylish decor, the new Freewheeler Speaker has been conceived by Ron Arad and Frances Pellisaru for Austria’s Viteo. Freewheeler features an amazing frequency response of 52-21,000Hz and an 112dB output. It incorporates an in-built FM receiver.

Freewheeler Speaker provides a battery life of 8 hours and a wireless range of 656 feet. This handy speaker is an ideal indoor as well as an entertainment device. You can grab this stylish speaker in just $ 20,700.


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