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Visiting The Crest National Hybrid SACD Production Line and Reference Listening Room

In December, Crest National announced that its long awaited Hybrid SACD production line was up and operational. This was a significant event for several reasons.

Crest National is the first Hybrid SACD production facility in the United States and North America. The launch of Hybrid SACD production at this plant was also a welcome addition to record labels producing Hybrid SACDs since it provided a key new source of capacity. Shortly after the production line was launched, I was invited to take a tour of the plant.

After arriving in Los Angeles, I took a taxi ride to Crest National. Crest National is located in an industrial area in Hollywood. When you arrive at Crest National, you notice that the plant has several buildings at the site. After getting buzzed in by security, I went down some stairs and met my hosts for the day: Bob Freedman – Senior Vice President of Technical Operations/Optical Media at Crest National, Philip O’ Hanlon – Owner of On a Higher Note, the U.S. Distributor for Halcro Super Fidelity Amps and Michael Sabre – President of Eggleston Works Speakers. read more…

DVD-Audio 2002 Overview: Sales, Watermarking and a Digital Interface

A digital interface and watermarking were on the agenda, but the biggest news items to report from the DVD-Audio 2002 event was that DVD-Audio is taking off at a rate faster than that of DVD-Video upon initial release; by the end of 2002 there should be over 1.4 million DVD-Audio players in U.S. households alone (source M.E.I.). read more…

Interview with Paul Mc Gowan, the founder of PS Audio

Interview with Paul Mc Gowan, the founder of PS Audio

This year CES show in Las Vegas was said to be the biggest ever. The major part of the audio show was located in hotel Alexis Park and the nearby hotel St. Tropez that hosted the T.H.E. show.

One of the most crowded rooms was the PS audio room, where their new Power Plant products where displayed as well as their new amplifier and lab cable. This room (or actually 2 rooms) where very much different from majority of the other rooms. Paul Mc Gowan had most of his family there, and all of them dressed in colorful Hawaiian style shirts. The atmosphere was relaxed and friendly. They had a nice set up where a handful of power conditioners and line filters where displayed together with the Power Plant. These units where connected to a oscilloscope and a big screen, and one could monitor what the different units where actually doing as well as comparing the difference between them and the power plant. This was highly educational, and proved beyond doubt the effectiveness of Power plant.

I agreed to meet up with Paul at the end of the day so that he could give us an interview regarding his background, his work, and his thoughts on future of audio. Our thought was to present the persons behind the products that we read about, and to be able to hear their thoughts, ideas and goals. read more…

Planar love affair – Interview with John Meyer

The story of planar speakers and the man who still loves them

Long before I had the pleasure of coming in contact with John Meyer I was exposed to his work. It was on a Scandinavian audio show in one of the rooms that I first spotted this black pillars mounted on top of a smaller stand loudspeaker. Although the memory has faded regarding the rest of the room and associated equipment, that first impression is still lingering in my mind. Having spent major part of the day listening to conventional tweeter constructions it was a liberating experience to hear these line source ribbons. There was no shrieking, spitting our beaming. The resolution was stunning, but what surprised me was the dynamics of the ribbon. Once I started investigating I found that numerous magazines had found the ribbons to be an outstanding performer. But what impressed me most was Johns mild and humble nature (must be a genetic heritage by his Norwegian ancestors). He was not what one may call an audio bible pounding, self made prophet. With a mild and humble approach John explained in a logical and systematic fashion his design philosophy. All of it backed by solid foundation in physics and acoustics. Hope that you also will find this interview inspiring as I did. read more…

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