Dreamcast Games Get A Second Life On X-Box Live And PSN

June 11, in Console Gaming

Hey there, gamers, were you sad when Dreamcast faded into obscurity and became forgotten in the video game community? Do you deeply miss classic titles such as Crazy Taxi and Sonic Adventure released for the Sega game console? You’re definitely a committed fan of Sega if you said yes to either question and I have some good news for you.

Sega officially decided to re-release the two games previously mentioned in this article’s first paragraph. That’s right, faithful supporters of Dreamcast! Crazy Taxi and Sonic Adventure get a second life and you can find them on X-Box Live and PSN later in the year.

Sonic Adventure will make its return first on September 9, which just happens to be the eleventh anniversary of the Dreamcast console. Now, that release date wasn’t planned intentionally to celebrate the old Sega console, was it? Decide for yourself, gamers. Some things do happen by chance after all. But fate and deliberate planning also play a role in such events.

Anyway, these Dreamcast games are coming with enhanced graphics, online leaderboards and achievements. Hey, this could be just the beginning as other Dreamcast titles are likely to rise from the ashes and live again on X-Box and PSN.


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