Dolby has next generation 3D glasses for cinema owners

March 21, in Uncategorized

Going to watch a movie is different from the previous generation’s experience – this time around, you have 3D versions of the movie which you’re about to view, so it does confuse wallets somewhat since you grapple with the choice between forking out nearly double to see something more realistic, or to save money and forgo this “gimmick”.

Dolby intends to make life easier for cinema goers with their next generation of 3D glasses which is a whole lot lighter, and does not make you look like a total dork. This high-performance, stylish, reusable 3D glasses are able to deliver cost savings to exhibitors and improved comfort to moviegoers in the long run, especially when you consider that each pair costs just $12, and if you decide to make a purchase in bulk, then expect that price point to drop to an even more favorable rate.

Each pair will see action with 3M’s new multilayer optical film lenses, and instead of being disposable, they can be reused and washed. Not only that, the new frames will fit comfortably over 98% of prescription glasses – that ought to bring a smile to the faces of those wearing specs.

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