Dish Network Is Looking To Give Its Customers Free Satellite Television

August 5, in television

Recently, Dish Network announced plans to enhance current services for their subscribers. Apparently, they’re promising to provide satellite television on mobile devices for their customers at no additional cost. So, starting next month, subscribers can look forward to receiving this new service on the iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and BlackBerry smartphones while Android smartphone owners have to wait another month before they can enjoy it as well.

However, if you have a Dish-compatible, dual-tuner DVR at home, you’ll get access to whatever channels are currently available. Meanwhile, you’ll need the right hardware to use the SlingBox and you’d have $10 per month if you want the multiple DVR service that’s being offered, which comes with recording capacity. But seriously, how many of us are so desperate to fill up our time that we’d actually accept satellite TV on our mobile devices or pay more for additional TV programs at home?


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