Creative Presents A Wireless Rock Speaker

July 19, in Speakers

If you don’t like having to set up an expensive speaker with multiple cords outside for a picnic or pool party, then those clever people at Creative have a pretty sweet alternative for you. It’s called the Sound Blaster Wireless Rock Speaker. This device is a high performance, stereo speaker clothed with outer casing designed to resemble a large slab of granite rock.

Furthermore, the Sound Blaster is designed with a certain degree of water protection, allowing you to leave it outside during rainy weather but the speaker isn’t completely water-proof, though. There’s also an optional Wireless USB audio system that’s available for the Sound Blaster, which allows you to stream music from iTunes, Pandora and other music app providers. However, this accessory is not included so you’ll have to pay $100 to get it and the speaker’s range for streaming from a computer is limited to 100 feet. The speaker is powered by a rechargeable, removable battery that connects to the back of the device and it lasts for at least six hours. The battery also comes with a charging cradle, which is included. Meanwhile, the Sound Blaster Wireless Rock Speaker from Creative is available for $199.


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