Creative D220W Speaker with Sound Blaster Wireless Transmitter

September 4, in Audio

To make streaming music from a PC or Mac easy, Creative Technology recently introduced the D220W, a sleek soundbar-styled speaker with Sound Blaster wireless transmitter. The transmitter is easy to set up and use whole-home audio system.

To get started with the D220W you will just need to insert the Sound Blaster Wireless into any USB port on your Mac, notebook or desktop and get ready to stream highest-quality music wirelessly to the speaker. It will let you stream music even from iTunes and other players. The convenient size and wireless transmitter will let you place the speaker anywhere in your room up to 100 feet away. No network configuration, no installation hassle, nothing required!

Flattered in a high-gloss piano black European styling, the Creative D220W speaker with Sound Blaster Wireless transmitter will be available soon for US $169.99.

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