Conceptual Invisio TV might usher in new era

February 4, in HDTV / Projection TV

Do you remember the evolution of the TV? From black and white, it was a watershed moment when color was broadcasted, and the followed many years later by technology that refined the image. After that, it was the flat screen CRT that made a splash, accompanied by some rather large speakers and woofers located at the back of your set.

Of course, who could forget about the LCD TV when it was first introduced to the world? Never had we seen anything so sexy in the living room (non-living thing anyways), and thought that this was the best thing to have happened since sliced bread and butter.

Following that, we have different flat screen display technologies like LED and plasma, with such TVs getting thinner and thinner until the current generation that are near border-less while boasting full High Definition technology. Of course, it goes without saying that 3D TVs are flooding the market this year, so what’s next?

Designer Michael Friebe thought that the next level of evolution is transparency, we’re talking about an invisible flatscreen which will blend into the home environment whenever it isn’t turned on. Known as the Loewe Invisio, this is one interesting conceptual device that will boast of a clear, frameless glass surface in its “visually unaltered” state.

Would you want to see this model materialize?


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