Coby DVD-937 Home Theater System Review-Great Price, Poor Everything Else

December 22, in Audio

While simplicity is often the best policy–a basic system done well is often a good system, especially for simpler purposes like a playroom or an expendable basement system–it sometimes isn’t enough. Especially when the quality isn’t there; simple is only good when it’s done right, and the Coby DVD-937 is an example of simple not done terribly well.

The Coby DVD-937 is a 5.1 channel that offers a center channel speaker, four satellite speakers, a subwoofer and a DVD player, Dolby Digital decoder, an on-screen display, coaxial digital output, optical digital output, AM / FM radio tuner, composite video output, component video output, and remote control.

Now, while you’d think you had most of the basics well in hand, you’d be largely wrong. Yes, there’s a DVD player and all the speakers with a Dolby Digital surround decoder, but the sound on this thing is really rather unpleasant. It sounded muffled to me, and that doesn’t bode at all well for a system that depends on doing the simple things well because it doesn’t do much of anything but.

About the only upshot to the Coby DVD-937 is its price tag; it’s about the first time I’ve ever seen a home theater system weigh in, new, for ninety five dollars out at Amazon. A sub-hundred dollar home theater system is definitely a sight to see, even if this one isn’t really anything special. I can’t recommend this one very heavily, because it just can’t do the basics as well as it needs to.

There are a lot better systems out there for not too much more money, so if you’re looking to get some punch in your home theater presentation, then you’ll need to look elsewhere.

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