Clear One Converge PA 2250 and Converge PA 4160 audio power amplifiers

December 5, in Amplifier


ClearOne recently launched Converge PA 2250 and Converge PA 4160 audio power amplifiers delivering high performance. A wonderful combination of sufficient power and excellent audio performance, the power amplifiers fulfils the need of high definition rich presentations, multi-channel audio etc. While the two channel amplifier PA2250 delivers 250 watts per channel, four channel amplifier PA4160 delivers 160 watts per channel.

“The majority of our Converge Pro and Converge SR 1212 products are used in conjunction with audio power amplifiers,” said Scott Woolley, Director of Product Marketing – Professional Audio at ClearOne. “Previously the system integrator could not acquire the amplifiers from ClearOne, but had to get them from a third party. Now system integrators can get all of the high quality audio components from ClearOne, making for a seamless, fool-proof deployment.”

The low noise fans, front panel indicators, two tall rack units add to the usability of the amplifiers. With no word of mouth on price, the power amplifiers are scheduled to begin shipping in August 2008.

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