CEA Looks to Standardize 3D Glasses

March 15, in 3d

3D display technology is being very popular during this time with many different manufacturers getting down on the fun. Of course, some may argue that based on sales and premium price tags, 3DTVs have yet to catch on but the numbers are growing and are expected to continue. One of he biggest gripes that consumers have with the technology, however, is that they require the use of 3D glasses. Of course, there are displays that do not require 3D glasses such as the one built into the Nintendo 3DS but on a bigger scale these displays (autostereoscopic) aren’t very practical.

Not only do you have to use 3D glasses with your 3DTV but you have to use the right 3D glasses with your 3DTV. This can be quite a pain when your 3DTV only supports a certain manufacturers glasses when other manufacturers have cheaper offerings. Luckily, the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA, for short) is looking to do away with these problems. The way they plan to do this is by standardizing active 3D glasses across the industry so that any active shutter glasses will work with any 3DTV – regardless of manufacturer.

If the industry is looking for 3D displays to really catch on and make their mark, this standardization would certainly be a step in the right direction.

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