Bob Marley to have earphones, headphones, and iPhone docks

January 5, in Uncategorized

At CES Unveiled, there were a lot companies putting their best foot forward.

In the case of the House of Marley, they had Rohan Marley, son of music legend Bob Marley at their display. They also had a bunch of products based on the man, like Dr. Dre and Justin Bieber.

They plan to have some wooden earphones, over the ear headphones that you see here, and an iPod dock bag combo.

You can check the Source for more on House of Marley products, which spread “Bob Marley’s vision of one love, one world through eco-conscious products that embody the values of equality, unity, authenticity, charity and sustainability all while giving back to people and the planet”. Just to be warned, there isn’t much there now to this writing, but there probably will be soon.


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