BFG Phobos Media Server

April 5, in Media Centre


BFG Phobos Media Server

The BFG Phobos offers a keen balance of gaming performance and home theater functionality and it is built by hand thanks to expert technicians using top-of-the-line hardware and software. The system offers a number of modern features, such as an interactive touch screen LCD, maintenance-free water-cooled CPU and graphics cards and an integrated iPod®/iPhone® syncing dock. The online configurator pretty much allows customers to pick and choose the amount of hardware and software that fits them.

You can choose from the performance for $3,000, the advanced for $5,000 or the elite systems that retails for $8,000. You can select from Intel’s latest Core i7 processors and Nvidia’s bizarre GTX-series graphics cards to keep the framerates up. On the outside you will notice the front-mounted touchscreen LCD panel that shows off all the necessary information including system performance and control multimedia.

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