Best Buy Offers Lower Prices For Older X-Box 360 Special Edition Bundles

August 1, in Console Gaming

If you’ve experienced the newer X-Box 360 model, then you probably noticed that its performance is quieter and more efficient. However, if you actually prefer the older, curvy version, then you’ll be happy to know that Best Buy recently lowered prices for the older X-Box 360 special edition bundles. More specifically, the Splinter Cell: Conviction and Final Fantasy XIII bundles are now being offered for $299.99 each, which is $50 off the current price and $100 off the original launch price. With each special edition bundle, you get the featured game itself, a 250GB HDD and two wireless controllers. Now this news just brightens your day, doesn’t it, 360 gamers? Anyway, you could brighten your gaming experience for the Summer too if you accept this offer from Best Buy but be sure to act on this while it’s still available. Enjoy!


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