Believe It Or Not: An Eye Interface System For Playing 8-Bit NES Games

August 4, in Console Gaming

Once again, we see the unexpected and unusual being developed in today’s technology. If you’d told me that a day would come when video games would be playable, using only your eye or facial movements, I wouldn’t have believed you. But here we are covering this story about an eye-controlled interface for playing old NES games, courtesy of Engadget. Furthermore, this device was developed by some inventors at Waterloo Labs.

As you can see from the photo shown above, a guy is actually playing the original 8-bit Super Mario Bros. game from Nintendo with only the mere movements of his eyes. But judging from the expression on his face, you’d think he was in pain or experiencing some kind of trance, right? Anyway, this eye-controlled interface works by strapping an array of electrodes on your face and then you’ll supposedly be able to play any old NES game with only the use of your eyes.

Personally, I’m still mentally grappling with this story. Seriously, why would anyone put a bunch of electrodes on his face so he can play ancient video games without a controller? However, you can judge for yourself, dear readers. Click here to watch a demonstration of this eye interface system on YouTube.


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