Bel Canto Presents New Stereo Amps

June 9, in Amplifier

Bel Canto A host of new stereo amps was announced by Bel Canto Design, Ltd. lately that include the S125 and the REF150S stereo amplifiers. Both the amps are designed to lower noise, reduce sensitivity and deliver crisp clear sound.

The S125 sports an eco-friendly compact design featuring a powerhouse 117dB dynamic range, doubling-up its power into 4 ohm speakers. It supports fully-regulated low-heat, ultra-efficient switch-mode power supplies and class-A analog output control circuitry.

Bel Canto Presents New Stereo AmpsThe REF150 amp also features a powerhouse 117dB dynamic range and comes fitted with greater power supply rectification and filtering like all REF series amps. It supports a few extra watts than S125. Both these eco-friendly amps consume less power and produce less heat.

Both the S125 and the REF150S stereo amplifiers are now available for purchase.

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