Ariston RCC 300 and 600 Amplifiers

January 6, in Amplifier

.Artison along with the new series of Reactance-Canceling Subwoofers has launched new series of amplifiers. These newly launched Subwoofers are successfully powered by these Artison Amplifiers which are no doubt, another useful contribution of Artison.

. These amplifiers come in two models of Ariston RCC 300 and Artison RCC 600 amplifiers in which 600 models use a rack-mountable 600-watt, Class-D amplifier and 300 models use a 300-watt version. Ariston RCC 300 and Artison RCC 600 amplifiers structuredwith the dimension of 2.63” x 19” x 16.25” and Weight of 35 pounds have E dgeless Surround technology which maximizes piston area while increasing XMAX in a standard 2” x 4” stud wall installation.

Their other cutting-edge features included here are like Digital Signal Processing software which allows for a customized set up and Sound controls like power, gain, movie mode and music mode which are front panel accessible.

Cost of these Ariston RCC 300 and Artison RCC 600 amplifiers is fixed at $699.00.

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