Apple TV Users Reporting Incorrect Coloring When Used With Some Sony & Philips TVs

November 23, in HD

Apple’s products have been known to be some of the most hyped on the market but they do have their fair share of problems. As you’re sure to know the iPhone 4 featured the infamous antennagate problem that causes users to experience dropped calls and more when holding their device in their left hand.

One of their most recent releases, the Apple TV, has been received generally well with promising sales numbers and some noteworthy features. However, according to some users reports it seems that the Apple TV too has run into some problems. Apparently, when used with some Sony and Philips HDTV models, the color becomes distorted resulting in the mess you see above.

Apple has yet to address the problem but when they do we’ll be sure to send it your way.

via engadget

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