Apple TV Gets Jailbroken, No Public Release Just Yet

October 2, in Set Box

Apple has just released their brand new Apple TV to the masses for just $99. This powerful little set-top box features the ability to rent TV shows for just 99-cents, stream media from a networked computer and even access Netflix’s line up of content.

However, while the features that the device has out of the box are certainly nice, they are nothing compared to what’s going to be added. Not by Apple, but by hackers.

If you’ll remember we told you that the Apple TV was powered by iOS – the same operating system that powers Apple’s iPad, iPod touch and iPhone. Many hypothesized that the Apple TV would be able to be jailbroken and given a whole slew of featuers just like the above mentioned devices.

Well today, we’re proud to announce that the Apple TV has officially been jailbroken with the hackers behind the project saying it has the ability to run third party software. Unfortunately, that feature has yet to be added but seeing how these hackers work extremely fast it won’t be long until it is.

via crunchgear

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