Apple Negotiating Deals For 99 Cent TV Show Rentals?

August 24, in streaming

One of the best ways to acquire digital media, is, well, digitally. Several companies have been offering digital distribution services for some time now. One such service I’m sure you’re all familiar with is Netflix who has their Stream Instantly service allowing consumers to watch even high definition videos with little to no buffer. Another service is from Apple with iTunes who offer not only music but movies and television shows.

While you can rent movies from Netflix and iTunes some users have a hard time justifying the price tag. Luckily, for TV show viewers, a report has surfaced today that says Apple is currently negotiating deals with networks to secure 99 cent TV show rentals.

If this pans through, and TV shows are made available alongside their broadcast counterparts, there may be even less of a need for cable than before.

We’ll let you know how this story unfolds.

via bloomberg

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