Apple Announces New Apple TV Complete With Netflix, HDMI-Out And More

September 2, in HD

Apple is without a doubt one of the most hyped companies out there. Much of this hype can be asttributed to the massive cult following the company has accrued over the years. While the specs of most of their hardware is good enough to compete with the best, many Apple fanboys flock to the products due to their sleek looks and highly sought after features.

Today, during a press conference, Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs took center stage to announce the brand new Apple TV. This device will be about 1/4 the size of the original Apple TV and will focus solely on streaming. In fact, the new Apple TV does not have any internal storage but it does allow you to rent TV show episodes for 99 cents straight from iTunes, stream content via Neflix and even off of a networked PC/Mac computer.

WiFi, an ethernet port and HDMI-output are all built into the device along with a the power supply so you won’t need to fuss with a bulky power brick. The best part about the new Apple TV, however is its price tag – just $99. Certainly an enticing price point that will help in the hardware’s fight against the forthcoming Google TV.

I’ll be getting one, anyone else interested?

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