Aperion Audio Verus Grand Home Theater Speaker System

October 16, in Speakers

Aperion Audio, the providers of home theater speakers, have announced the launch of Aperion Verus Grand line of home theater speakers. Set to offer accurate, lifelike experiences, Aperion home theater speakers are equipped with patent-pending tweeter that offers genuine sound reproduction, which is sure to impact the movie and music lovers.

Aperion has created the entire speaker system and produced every part with great care to provide the maximum sonic impact. Consumers can install a high-performance 5.0 home theater system by arranging together a pair of tower speakers, a center channel and a pair of bookshelf speakers for surrounds. Moreover, it can be upgraded to 5.1 system by simply adding an Aperion Bravus subwoofer. These home subwoofer will provide the best experience with your home theater system. The speakers of the Grand center presents a vertical design for sound dispersion on every corner of the room.

The various features of the Aperion Audio Verus Grand Home Theater Speaker System include, the sonic clarity of ARS tweeter paired up with our 4" woven Kevlar mid-range speaker, two new proprietary 6" Kevlar® Woofers with Butyl Rubber Surrounds, VoiceRight™ phase correction for brass settings, 3-way sealed enclosure design, One 4" Woven Kevlar® Mid-range driver, and One 1" Aperion Axially Stabilized Radiator™ amongst other things.

Pricing for the product is fixed at US$ 1,798 per pair for the Verus Grand Tower; US$ 699 for the Verus Grand Center; and US$ 598 per pair for the Verus Grand Bookshelf. With a 10-year limited warranty on defects, the product is now availble on pre-order basis.

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