Another Indicator that Amazon Primes Movie Streaming Service on the way

February 2, in streaming

Some of you might recall when we reported rumors that Amazon has begun offering unlimited free streaming to subscribers of Amazon Prime.

That is Amazon Prime will offer unlimited and commercial-free instant streaming 5,000 movies and TV shows, but the resolution would be just 480p.

I have just heard more to fan the flames of this rumor:

After talk of a movie-streaming service from Amazon has been going on for years, the Financial Times has today reported that yes, they are about to launch a Netflix-defying service. Supposedly Amazon Prime members will be able to access it (just another brilliant reason to sign up to Prime membership, in my opinion), though it’s not known if there’ll be any fees associated with streaming movies after the initial annual $79 sum is paid.

I suppose that we will have to see how well this rumor will go down.


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