An Inflatable Home Theater System From Sima

July 14, in Accessories

If you’re passionate about home entertainment, then you probably agree that home theater systems are excellent for enjoying TV programs, movies, video games and music. However, they can be frustrating to assemble once you buy one for initial set-up and moving to a new home means having to disassemble it and put it back together later. Now wouldn’t it be nice to have a home theater system that’s simple to set up and convenient to move around?

The people at Sima sure thought so and decided to create an inflatable home theater system. This set comes in a 96 inch and 144 inch size with a speaker system included for a great audio experience without having to handle cords and wires inside or outside of your house. The inflatable set also features a screen for excellent rear and front projection although you’ll have to pay for your own projector since it’s not included. Furthermore, the Sima home theater system is easy to disassemble. All you have to do is pull the plug and the screen will deflate for simple storage or transport. Thus, the 96 inch XL-08 model is available for $1,000 while the 144″ XL-12 model is priced at $1,500.


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