Altec lansing im5

October 30, in Hi-Fi Systems Reviews

Altec Lansing iM5


This portable speaker system is pretty good in the sound department, though not stellar or earth shattering and I like the overall design. There were a couple of small things I would change or fix but overall this a good buy.

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Travel in style with the Altec Lansing iM5 Portable Loudspeakers

The Altec Lansing iM5 offers a nice looking design with decent sound for a portable speaker system. Not the best but far, far from the worst.

You can pack the light Altec Lansing iM5 system with you outside to the backyard, up to your room or even take it with you on vacation and this kind of versatility is always fun. When the dock is closed it is only 8.4 x 2.1 x 3.8 inches in all, which is pretty darn small. This is the perfect system for dorm dwellers. When you leave to visit home for the weekend or on holiday you don’t want to leave an expensive stereo system behind to get stolen, that is why this portable system is just what you need.

While the Altec Lansing iM5 is going to produce the kind of sound you would get from the Polk Monitor 30 bookshelf speakers you will be surprised at how loud it can get while still staying clear and easy to listen to.

The Altec Lansing iM5 system is compatible with most ipods and while it does not have a subwoofer it can get more bass going than you might expect. The sound is not stellar, but it will do most situations that call for a portable stereo with ease.

When you look at this speaker system you will see that it is pretty much all speaker. The whole front length is the grille and in the middle of that on the bottom is where the dock pops out. When open all you have to do is fit the ipod on the dock. I really like how this part is protected when the system is not in use, I imagine that will help it to last a lot longer.

Now getting the Altec Lansing iM5 to play your music is about as easy as it could possibly be. All you have to do is put your ipod on the dock, throw in a few batteries (it takes 4 AA batteries) or plug in the AC adapter and hit play. Easy breezy right? That is the beauty of these portable speakers. No true installation required!

These are decent speakers for portable ones but not the best out there. The JBL On Stage II for example are better quality speakers and they only cost a little bit more. Another small problem that I noticed with the Altec Lansing iM5 is the way he dock can pop out at the oddest of times. If you are moving the speaker to a different place in the room or packing it around the jiggling sometimes causes the dock to come out. This could lead to trouble if you are not careful.

The Altec Lansing iM5 is a nice looking portable speaker that has some room for improvement but is overall pretty good. The sound is a little hollow and it would be nice to have some deeper and richer lows but most people will be very pleased with the sound produced.

Technical Info:

Color: White

Docking station: Yes

Compatibility: 3G iPod with touch wheel, 4G iPod with click wheel, iPod nano, iPod mini

Bass boost: Yes, MaxxBass technology

Auxiliary input: Yes, 3.5 mm

Batteries: 4 AA (not included)

Battery life: 24 hours

Item width: 8.4 inches

Item height: 3.8 inches

Item depth: 2.1 inches

Item weight : 28 ounces

Warranty: 1 year parts and labor

In the box: iM5 speaker system, 3.5 mm stereo cable, iPod docking adapters, universal power supply with international plug set, protective carrying bag, quick connect instructions, user’s manual

MSRP: $149.99

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