Actiontec MoCA Network Adapter

January 15, in Cables

Actiontec MoCA Network Adapter

The Actiontec MoCA Network Adapter adds high-speed Internet access anywhere without the hassle or high cost of complex infrastructure modifications. The Adapter is being debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas Nevada, and is the result of a joint effort between Entropic Communications Inc, and Actiontec Electronics.

“Today millions of residential customers have MoCA technology running in their homes. These solutions are powering the home entertainment network, providing DVRs, home theaters, and DLNA devices a high-performance, high-reliability network connection behind the entertainment center,” said Michael Ehlenberger, vice president of Channel Sales, North America at Actiontec Electronics. “In the past, installers would have to pull cabling, which is time consuming and expensive. Now these connections can be set up in minutes. Not only does MoCA technology fit in high-end installations, but it also enables dealers to provide cost-effective services for the average household.”

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