Acer Shows Off C2 Pico Projector With Built-In Media Player

September 7, in Portable

Other than yout traditional television, one of the best ways to view content is with a projector. Unfortunately, due to the large price tag of higher end projectors, many consumers have been hesistant to make the switch, instead opting for televisoins, as previosuly mentioned.

Luckily, same hardware manufacturers are looking to exploit the low-end projector market with their own pico projectors. If you’re not familiar with such devices, they are essnentially pocket sized projectors that allow you to project an image on any wall, anywhere you go.

Today, Acer has come forth to show us their own pico projector with the C2. This DLP projector features a resolution of 854 x 480 but that’s not what makes it so cool. What does it make it so cool is the fact that it has a built-in media player that will play videos directly off an SDHC card.

No word on pricing or availability but we’ll let you know.

via picoprojector-info

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