Acer presents new projectors: P1100C and P1200B

July 29, in Projector

In case you need a new projector to make your cyber theater better than before, check out the latest Acer P1100C and P1200B.

The main difference between the two projectors is the resolution and contrast ratio, while the Acer P1100C offers 4000:1 as the contrast ratio and a resolution of 800×600, the Acer P1200B provides a better resolution at 1024×768 pixels and a contrast ratio of 3700:1. The only other difference is the inclusion of HDMI on the P1200B model.

There are some features that remain the same for both projectors, such as: 2600 ANSI lumens, 4,000 hours of lamp life in standard mode, or 5000 hours in eco mode, and the connections include USB, S-Video, D-Sub, and composite inputs.

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