Abtus AVS-120 Projector Controller Switcher

March 11, in Media

Here is a great projector controller, suitable for any small room environment. A great addition to educational institutions and schools, the Abtus AVS-120 Projector Controller Switcher is a device that can help aid any presentation or visual representation that is widely used today.

The ABtUS AVS-120 is a high performance Projector Controller designed for any small Multi Media Class Room or boardroom application.With its 10 buttons configuration, AVS-120 can easily be taken control by any end user as it has a clear straight forward one key one function layout. ABtUS AVS-120 is integrated with a mixer for both condenser and dynamic microphone with two different input standard jack size.

Among the current features the Abtus AVS-120 Projector Controller Switcher has include:

  • 2-in, 2-out VGA DA 900 MHZ RGB
  • Microphone Input 3.5mm mini & 6.35 mm phone
  • One Touch Input Selection
  • Electronic Volume Control

(Source) Abtus Singapore

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