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Robert Bienstock

Robert first listened to multichannel audio in 1970 when he and a roommate hooked up two pairs of speakers in a Haffler array. Two years later, he got a quad system and amassed a large collection of quad recordings. He later temporarily reduced the number of channels in his system to two, the better to appreciate the early recordings of the Sex Pistols and the Ramones. He got his first surround sound processor in 1987 and has listened to everything, music and movies, through at least 7 speakers since the late ‘80s. Robert is an ardent supporter of multi-channel sound and firmly believes in mixing techniques that use all channels, most importantly, the center. Robert is most emphatically not an audiophile believing that the technology must serve the music and not the other way around. He would much rather listen to his favorite records or play his guitars than worry about whether his system has the requisite number of magic bricks or green markers.

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