A Fully-Functional LEGO Brand Wiimote

October 13, in Console Gaming

Wow, once again, LEGO is in the business of bringing us the unexpected, proving that there’s almost nothing those building blocks can’t do. Personally, I never thought I’d see the day when a Nintendo Wii controller would be made with LEGO blocks. Seriously, this is an actual, fully operational Wiimote and there’s only some assembly required.

Apparently, you won’t be building this controller completely from the ground up but instead you’re simply inserting some LEGO blocks in designated areas on the front and back on the Wiimote to give it a colorful, blocky look. Definitely a must-have for the hardcore LEGO enthusiast and perhaps for die-hard Wii fans as well. Thus, this device known as the LEGO Play & Build Remote is priced at $40. Of all the various kinds of Wiimote available on the market, this model truly stands alone as being the most unique.


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