A Close Look At The Kinects Capabilities

June 30, in Uncategorized

A retailer known as Play in the United Kingdom recently took a close look at Microsoft’s Kinect for the X-Box 360 and experienced its capabilities in detail, noting all of its specifications. Apparently, Kinect has a sensory range between 1.2 and 3.5 meters and its camera has a video resolution of 640×480 at 30 fps for color and 320×240 at 30 fps for depth. The motion control system is also capable of tracking up to twenty joints per player, six people total and two active players while mapping their activity to generate live avatars.

Furthermore, other features of the Kinect include color and depth-sensing lenses in the sensor, voice microphone array, tilt motor for sensor adjustment, full compatibility with 360 consoles and 16-bit audio at 16 kHz. The motion control system also has a wide field of view that consists of 57 degrees horizontal and 43 degrees vertical. In addition to this, it has a skeletal tracking system, audio system, live party chat, in-game voice chat (for X-Box Live Gold Members) and multiple speech recognition as well. There you have it, dear readers. These are the things you have to look forward to if you try the Kinect for X-Box 360.


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