A $16,750 CDC CD Player?

May 30, in CD Systems

Nagra CD Player

Nagra CD Player

Nagra has a long produced tape recorders for professional video and film recording and now the Swiss company has come out with this top of the line $16,750 CDC CD player. The front panel features an unnecessary level meter and a handful of expensive knobs and toggle switches. So, what do you get for nearly seventeen grand?  The CD module is built into the front-loading CD tray rather than being bolted inside the machine.

Engineers claim that sliding the CD mechanism in and out in conjunction with the disc will improve listening pleasure by providing the “ideal mechanized environment for the CD module.” The drawer itself is powered by a  motor developed by a NASA supplier. The disc is contained by a magnetic clamp. Additional features include a pair of analog outputs coated with gold, AES, S/PDIF and Toslink digital outputs, along with nifty 24-bit digital-to-analog converters with 8x oversampling. Also included is a solid-state preamp so you can plug it straight into a power amplifier.

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