3DTV Show More Promise Than HDTV at Same Point in Life Cycle

November 30, in 3d

A lot of talk has been circulating about 3DTVs and while not all of them are good, early adopters have applauded the new display technology. However, other folk say that the extra money just isn’t worth it – especially during hard times like these. But, what if we were to compare 3DTVs to HDTVs? Right now HDTVs are the clear winner by a large margin but there was a time when people said the premium for high definition was not worth it – now it’s virtually crucial.

In fact, some analysts from Futuresource Consulting has said that 3DTV sales are actually better than HDTVs were at this stage in its life cycle. They elaborate by saying:

“The retail performance of 3D hardware for the home has been developing at a healthy pace, bolstered by 3DTV prices falling by close to 40 per cent in some cases, and year one adoption of 3DTV is running at a far quicker rate in most territories than it did for high definition.”

So, if these trends continue, perhaps in a few years we will be seeing 3DTVs in as many homes as HDTVs. Of course, with their current premium price tags that will be hard to fathom. Then again, as technology increases the price tags of these televisions are sure to drop. Let’s hope a lot of folks get a 3DTV this holiday season.

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