280-inch ChromaLED 3D6 3D LED TV Appears Out of Japan, Bankruptcy Ensues

November 22, in 3d

In terms of a home theater everyone appreciates a large display. Of course, unless you’re willing to shell out an unheard of sum of cash for a massive HDTV, you’re probably going the projector route. In fact, if you want to go any bigger than Panasonic’s 103-inch television, a projector is pretty much required. However, a Japanese electronics company by the name of Hibino apparantly won’t settle with a projector when they’re looking to go big. Their answer? A 280-inch 3D LED TV.

What you see above is their ChromaLED 3D6 – a 280-inch LED 3DTV. As you can tell, this thing is absolutely massive and looks like it belongs in a movie theater rather than a home theater – but that’s the joy of it. Unfortunately, there is no word on pricing or availability just yet but considering the size of this thing don’t expect it to come cheap.

To make matters even more interesting the company says they can produce televisions twice this size if demand is high enough. Yes, please.

via crunchgear

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