2010 World Cup Finals to Be Shown Off in 3D at Select Movie Theaters

June 26, in 3d

Sure, watching critically acclaimed movies like Avatar in 3D is cool, but what about watching live action sports? While channels that broadcast sports in 3D have been around for a while, 3DTVs and other displays actually capable of showing off the 3D content have generally been high priced keeping them out of many consumers hands.

Well, if you’re any sort of sports fan you’ll know that the 2010 World Cup is well underway and is currently being broadcast on various channels in 3D. However, what if you don’t have a 3DTV but still want to watch the World Cup in 3D? Well, you’re somewhat out of luck, and somewhat very lucky.

It has recently been made known that the World Cup Finals will be broadcast in various movie theaters around the world.

via engadgethd

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