2000th Super Audio CD Released

April 29, in SACD News

The 2000th Super Audio CD has now been released – a major breakthrough in the acceptance of this music format. Jamie Cullum’s highly acclaimed album ‘Twentysomething’ has just been made available on SACD joining a host of international artists to embrace the new musical format as it comes of age. With leading artists such as Diana Krall and Beyoncé about to launch albums on SACD in surround sound, the format is the clear choice for artists and record companies backed up by the sheer number of titles available. It now encompasses all genres of music including pop, jazz, classical and rap, and has the backing of most of the major labels.

With her remixed SACD album ‘Dangerously in Love’ due for release on 10th May, Beyoncé explains:

“I put this music on and I’m overwhelmed with emotion. Super Audio CD offers a new, more personal experience.”


“SA-CD is fully established as a premium or audiophile format but it is now moving towards the mainstream,”

explains Jos Bruins, SA-CD and DVD Marketing Director at Philips Standards and Intellectual Property.

“There is a very exciting range of products coming up with SA-CD built in; for example, nearly all of the home theatre systems are being released with this functionality.”


“We’re now seeing dedicated space for SA-CD in record stores such as Virgin and HMV, Tower, Fnac and Media market, but also within the many small independent stores,”

explains Sony SA-CD Business Centre (Europe) Director, David Walstra.

“There are now over 400 SA-CD listening posts in record stores across Europe, enabling consumers to experience the supreme sound quality of SA-CD in surround sound.”

There has been a dramatic increase in enthusiasm for this format from the world of music. Artists and labels have witnessed the success achieved with surround sound mixes by Pink Floyd, Bob Dylan and Elton John. SACD gives the artist an opportunity to offer fans more value, and in turn enables the record company to effectively create a new product and therefore increase sales. As a result, over 100 SACD albums are now being released per month.

To meet increasing demand, the disc manufacturers have tooled up to triple and potentially quadruple the amount of production lines for SACD. The rationale is simple: SACD – with its built in CD compatibility – will replace the CD which has now been on the market for 21 years. This new format offers consumers the portability they need, allowing them to play the CD layer whilst on the move, but once at home offers them a unique and superior musical experience, in either stereo or surround, as the SACD samples 64 times faster than current CD technology giving a true representation of the sound recorded in the studio in a way CD never could achieve.

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